7 Tips for writing effective content for your website

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Creating website copy can be overwhelming. Understandably for some with little writing skills to express their business offering. In this article, we will be explaining some quick tips to help you get started.

1. Be yourself, be unique

Comparing yourself to competitors is needed. Some may be overly focused on multiple competitors and lose sight of their goals. When building unique content, try and avoid copying your competitors. Standing out as unique speaks volumes. When done correctly you can be the trendsetter or market leader in your field. After all, that is the short- or long-term goal for most businesses.

2. Know who you are speaking to

When writing content, you may start to ramble. Structure your content so that your reader connects with your page goals. Search Engine Optimization is critical, but don’t forget the simple truth that you are speaking to someone to win them over. So be confident in your unique business by adding something human-like while keeping your SEO strategies.

3. Set clear content goals

Writing content with unclear goals may be likened to aimlessly walking in the dark. When reading content often results in an imbalance. Some may even consider recreating competitors. Granted, your competitors may have content that aligns with where you want to be. The danger with this is that you don’t stand out as unique. Be sure to set clear content goals. If done right, your content will harmonize across your website.

4. Use simple and powerful headings

If you think back about any website you visited, what stands out for you the most? Some may say the images captured them. While others may side more with the well-worded headings. Why are headings so important? User trends have changed over time. People have less time and look for quick answers to their questions. Having effective titles briefly informs them if a particular website is the one for them or not. Do your website headings inspire the reader to act or leave?

5. Have links in the right places

So you’ve written some content! Now what? Having internal or external links in specific areas will help with content relevancy. For example, if you are speaking about a fantastic offering with a direct link. Search engines like it as they connect the dots, but your potential customer too. Adding easy-to-follow content with links contributes to you as a reliable source. Which often results in return visits or sharing of your pages.

6. Give things of value

Often when I speak with businesses, they are very fearful of giving too much information. How so some may wonder? Competitors may use the information to try and get certain advantages… testimonials, client names or logos, suppliers, and possibly trade secrets… In all cases approaching it strategically and cautiously is advised. When considering the target audience, giving certain information conveys positive messages like trust, quality, and leading the industry. Giving certain tips or free resources too goes a long way.

7. It doesn’t have to be perfect

A course facilitator recommended a simple solution to building content. Simply put, he encouraged to write content within a 15-minute sprint. What are some reasons that he encouraged this? One key reason is a scenario of you talking to a potential lead. If you take hours to sell your business offering, then it should be a warning about your strategy. Being able to explain your offering clearly and directly is essential in today’s trends. Another reason was time. Writing the perfect content could take weeks or months. Competitors entering the market before you allow them to secure themselves as the market leader in that field. Don’t forget that you can publish content and edit it later.

Bonus: Consult a specialist

Now now I know what you’re thinking… contact Let’s Crea8 for content writing. Though we try to cover a range of Services for our customers we regrettably are not content writers. At the time of publishing this article the Let’s Crea8 team includes individuals with a Graphic Design and Web Design expertise.

Though we can assist with Search Engine Optimization to tweak existing copy, writing unique copy about your business we rather want to recommend speaking to a specialist that can give you a good head-start.

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