General Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s Crea8 has been fortunate enough to not have a direct impact with COVID-19. The majority of our services are online based that requires little face-to-face interactions. In the event that on-site visits are required, Let’s Crea8 respectfully will follow all COVID-19 procedures in relation to South African Lockdown level regulations that are in effect.

Check out our COVID-19 Response page for some additional information.

Should this be the case for you, Let’s Crea8 can review any existing quotes to see how competitive pricing can be provided to fit within your budget. As for invoices, Let’s Crea8 understands the impact of COVID-19 that has affected companies of all sizes. A payment plan can be discussed to settle an open invoice.

We are more than happy to help understand the technical terms related to web and graphic design. You can Contact Us or book an Online Meeting to discuss the technical term(s).

It is understandable that this is a problem especially for sudden matters that require quick support. Let’s Crea8, by arrangement, has extended our working hours to accommodate client needs. Additionally with all urgent matters can be escalated to Giovanni Directly (see Contact Giovanni for more information).

Web / Graphic Frequently Asked Questions

A website can typically take a few days or longer, depending on various factors. Every well built website has taken the time to consolidate the essential information needed. This can include areas such as content, navigation, layouts, styling and Search Engine Optimization.

We try our best to be accommodating as possible to our clients needs, including same day custom graphics. If you are in need of urgent graphics to be created for print or web, then please Contact Us to discuss this further.

Regrettably Let’s Crea8 does not provide editable files unless arranged otherwise. Let’s Crea8 makes use of subscription and licensed systems when creating elements for print and web usage.

All stock photos used are done legally, that they are licensed for usage through Let’s Crea8 profiles. Should you need to get a copy of the licenses for local storage then please feel free to request this from Let’s Crea8.

Marketing Frequently Asked Questions

There are a range of Social Media platforms out there and each attracts a specific audience. It is best to consider which platform best aligns to your marketing goals and which one your target audiences uses.

It is recommended to rather consider how many Social Media networks can be maintained. However nice it may be to be everywhere it’s important to have a regular presence on all used platforms.

Google Ads primarily works on a bidding system on keywords. Depending on the surrounding factors such as the popularity of a keyword or phrase often results in the value of that word being higher than alternatives. When creating a Google Ads campaign it is best to compare alternatives for the campaign setup to achieve optimal results.

Example: Picking a combination of alternative words that have a high search audience while having low costs.

Personal Data and Privacy

To make a request to correct personal information you can contact Giovanni Liebenberg on for support. To make a request to delete personal information, please visit our Export or Erase Personal Data web page.

You can visit to view our respective website legal pages.

Ask Us Anything

If you want to find out about your question, then please feel free to Contact Us directly.