Let’s Crea8 values our client’s experiences and greatly appreciate the referrals they’ve shared with their personal contacts. To show our appreciation, we created an Affiliate Program to give 10% commission for contacts that on-board with us.. Both businesses and individuals can register to join the program. See below for more information on how it works, the Terms and Conditions, then lastly the registration.

How It Works

In view of keeping things short and sweet, the below simplifies our Affiliate Program in the shortest way possible. Further down you will find the Terms and Conditions section which explains more details about the Affiliate Program, and the Affiliate Account section.

Register As An Affiliate

Register to be part of the Let’s Crea8 Affiliate Program to get your very own unique affiliate link.

Share Your Affiliate Link

Share your unique affiliate link with your contacts, taking them to crea8.co.za for more information.

10% Commission Rewards

Referred contacts that on-board with Let’s Crea8, by approving a quote, results in a 10% commission reward.

Affiliate registrations that are approved will have access to an Affiliate Account login area to manage and review the profile. This area includes information about the commissions, affiliate links, generating affiliate links based using a URL from crea8.co.za, affiliate link visitor usages, creatives to help you promote your affiliate link, and payouts.

Join The Affiliate Program

Terms and conditions

  1. AFFILIATE: The term used for the business/individual who refers Let’s Crea8 to one or more of their contacts by means of their unique affiliate link.
  2. AFFILIATE CONTACT: The term used for the contact(s) whom the business/individual refers Let’s Crea8 to.
  3. AFFILIATE REGISTRATION: Both businesses and individuals can register to the Let’s Crea8 Affiliate Program. Should an individual want to register to the Let’s Crea8 Affiliate Program, it is up to the individual/employee to address this with their employer before doing so. Any dispute that may arise will be between the business/employer and the individual/employee.
  4. AFFILIATE LINK: A referred contact must visit the Let’s Crea8 website using the unique affiliate link provided. If the referred contact visits the website without using the unique affiliate link provided, then we will not be able to track and allocate any commissions due when the contact has on-boarded with Let’s Crea8. In the event a contact has been using affiliate links from various affiliates, the last/latest recorded affiliate link used before the contact on-boards with Let’s Crea8 will receive the commission reward.
  5. AFFILIATE CUSTOM LINKS: Within the Affiliate Accounts page will include an Affiliate Link tab. There you will be able to copy your current affiliate link or generate a custom link by copying and pasting the direct URL associated to crea8.co.za.
  6. AFFILIATE LINK LIFESPAN: There is no affiliate link lifespan for active affiliate accounts. Inactive affiliate accounts with 12 (twelve) months of no activity may be subject to being permanently deleted. Should your affiliate account become inactive and permanently deleted, you as the business/individual can re-register for a new affiliate account.
  7. COMMISSION: The 10% commission reward only applies to the first approved quote associated to the referred contact when they have successfully on-boarded with Let’s Crea8. Should an approved quote include services over a period, example a 6-month period, commission payouts will be scheduled after each successful invoice payment received by the affiliate contact.
  8. COMMISSION PAYOUTS: Commission payouts will be paid within 30 (thirty) day after (i) confirming the affiliate business/individual direct banking details to be used; and (ii) after the affiliate contact settles their invoice(s) in relation to the approved quote.
  9. COMMISSION NON-PAYOUTS: Commissions are only scheduled for payouts after payments have been received by the affiliate contact. In the event of non-payment by the affiliate contact will result in no scheduled commission payouts until the affiliate contact has resolved their account.
  10. CREATIVES: Within the Affiliate Accounts page will include a Creative tab. There you will find free to use resources for promoting your affiliate link only. Let’s Crea8 may make use of licensed resources which cannot be reused for your personal or business usage.
  11. EFT REFERENCE: Commission payments into the affiliates bank account will include the beneficiary reference “LETS CREA8”.
  12. EFT LEAD TIME: Commission payments are subject to bank transfer lead times.
  13. SENSITIVE INFORMATION: All information related to an affiliate or affiliate contact will be regarded as sensitive information and will not be shared, unless consent is provided by the affiliate or affiliate contact in writing.