Let's Crea8 continues to operate during COVID-19 Lockdowns

Let’s Crea8 with our digital services continues to operate throughout all South African COVID-19 lockdown levels. Any adjustments to South African COVID-19 regulation(s) may result in limitations related to our on-site services. Below is our Coronavirus response.

The Let’s Crea8 team works remotely, either from home or remote locations, which we independently manage the sanitation of our respective work spaces. 

All on-site Workshop sessions will be done keeping the COVID-19 lockdown regulations in mind. Let’s Crea8 offers digital Workshops as an alternative to streamline any project requirements.

For our clients and our own staff safety, on-site visits with companies that do not follow the necessary safety protocols in response to COVID-19 regulations will result in rescheduling (Book A Meeting).

In an effort to reduce CO2 emissions, and COVID-19 safety, we will recommend digital meetings to all local clients. (Schedule a Meeting)

We respect the personal choices individuals or companies have made when it comes to Social Distancing. We, Let’s Crea8, will continue to observe the COVID-19 regulations in affect for both our staff and customers safety.

Let’s Crea8 makes use of systems which may directly or indirectly be affected by COVID-19. If this is the case, this may result in unexpected delays in support turn-around times.