Facebook Business: Create and allow access to your Facebook Business profile

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What is Facebook Business?

Facebook Business is a division of Facebook allowing individuals access to manage and maintain Facebook pages. It includes various marketing features to promote the respective Facebook page(s).

Brief Benefits to Facebook Business

Businesses or individuals that make use of Facebook to promote their product or brand may opt allow access to internal or external individuals. This is great when it comes to delegating Facebook marketing requirements. In the event of internal or external individual services coming to an end, then access can easily be revoked.

Facebook Business also adds more options when it comes to scheduling posts, campaigns, statistics, and Facebook Pixel to name a few.

Setup Facebook Business Profile

Below is steps 1-4 for first time Facebook Business accounts. If you have prior dealings with Facebook Business then please compare the respective steps to provide User access (step 3) to your Facebook Business Manager account, and if applicable the Payment Method (step 4).

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