How can I improve my website Google ranking?

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One of the more frequent questions Let’s Crea8 has been asked by companies relates to improving website ranking within Google search results. As this is a growing concern for website owners, we have decided to create a dedicated article highlighting areas for improved online presence. These will include both immediate solutions through paid Google Ads and non-paid organic rankings.

Why are more people asking about their Google Ranking?

Competitors, algorithms, and other factors result in the rank of a website to change. Over time it is critical to assess the website and external statistics to identify the strengths and weaknesses and how it affects the company. It is vital then to put a plan in motion to address the weaknesses appropriately. Some companies find doing a weekly, monthly, or quarterly strategy session is best for them.

Quick sitemap test for your website

With Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, it is best practice to include a website sitemap. A sitemap XML file is a small document that directs search engines toward new or existing content found on a website. As search engines go through this file, they will be able to identify any content against their database. If one or more web pages are not performing as desired, it may be an indexing issue.

Building unique content to stand out

Standing out against competitors is not an easy task but is critical when creating content. Changing the approach with unique content helps connect to audiences and search engine results. Take a cordless drill as an example. The uses are limitless, but how should it be marketed? Focusing on the target audience by showcasing how they could use it in their day-to-day lives or work is best. Oppose to keeping things short by saying it makes a hole does not help in marketing strategies.

Google Ads Paid Marketing

Google Ads is a great way to get more immediate results and build website traffic at a cost. Google Ads makes use of keywords as the search trigger showing campaigns in the search results page. Keywords have a CPC (cost per click) value that rises or drops based on their popularity. As marketing budgets allow, while keeping the ROI in mind, one company may choose to use the more expensive keywords. Whereas companies with lower marketing budgets may invest in alternative keywords with a lower CPC value.

Organic Ranking and external sources

Organic ranking is a free solution for all websites appearing within search results. Collectively organic ranking is impacted by the website and external sources as they are linked together. When using Social Media, includes phases related to the content available on your website and a direct link. The more you are active online with this approach broadens the presence allowing users to get in touch with you organically.

Let’s Crea8 Recommendation

As ranking algorithms or other factors change frequently, it is best to consult with a specialist. Both marketing and web design specialists may be able to provide solutions saving time and resources.

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