With COVID-19 affecting how companies do business demands change. Let’s Crea8 invited DisCounter to do a guest blog explaining their great solution to help local and South African based companies to market and sell products on their DisCounter Online Shopping website..

Who is DisCounter?

DisCounter is the new kid on the block providing local businesses, SMEs (small to medium enterprises), an online platform to set their business apart, and take sales to a whole new level. Our ethos is to help small businesses grow. The DisCounter platform prides itself in providing its clients with free marketing solutions. YES, free marketing! This means that even start-up companies have a place to be seen and heard without having to fork out hefty marketing fees which yield no return on investment. With no cash outflow implications, for DisCounter clients, they enjoy the benefit of having brand exposure and promote their products while bringing in new customers and making new sales. Those customers knock on their door directly. That’s right DisCounter points the end-consumer straight to your place of business, be it an online store or a traditional store. DisCounter is truly breaking down the marketing barriers by making it more accessible and cost-effective for reputable companies.

How It All Works

So how does it all work? How does DisCounter stay sustainable if no fees are charged to clients? The platform works by making exclusive discounts available to shoppers. DisCounter clients provide discounts for products and/or services they render. This is key to marketing the client’s store via our website. Everyone loves a deal… The discount percentage is set by the clients themselves, we sell these discounts to shoppers at a small fee and therefore do not have to charge clients to be on the platform. Once a voucher is sold to a shopper, it “guarantees” a sale for the client as the shopper has already invested in their brand. Therefore, shoppers buy these vouchers and take them directly to the client’s store where they are free to choose whichever products they like, in the quantity they like, and get the discount they want. This level of choice is a pillar of success in the DisCounter model, as both choice and good prices are things that shoppers desire. By providing both, DisCounter ensures the clients and the shoppers are happy by balancing increasing sales revenue for clients and keeping shoppers happy with exclusive deals. This kind of small business solutions is integral to SME success.

1. On-Boarding

Companies complete the on-boarding process with the DisCounter.

2. Listing

The DisCounter team loads the company on their secure shopping platform.

3. FREE Marketing

Unique marketing content gets created to promote on-boarded companies.

4. Sales

The shopper completes the sales process using their coupon in-store or online.

No Marketing costs?

The main benefit for clients is the marketing of their brand and products via the discounter website and platforms. This exposure is completely free, at no point do we require any of our clients to pay to be part of the network. That’s right. No commission structures, no referral fees, No hidden costs. In fact, we don’t need your banking info at all. It truly is a free marketing platform.

Our success is rooted in our client’s success. This can be seen in the approach we take to generate voucher sales. The DisCounter approach finds its niche and revenue by selling discounts to shoppers at a small fee. Since the voucher fee is relatively low, DisCounter prefers to drive the number of vouchers sold rather than price them high to sell less. More vouchers sold means more shoppers are invested in the client’s brand. Which means more sales for them and more happy shoppers getting deals.

Other benefits of the network include free discounts to other client’s products or services on the network, as long as it is used for the betterment of your business. For example, should your company need a photographer or web development, You can contact the Discounter client support team, and they will make a relevant voucher available to you (while stocks last). The point is to help small businesses grow and support each other means inclusive growth.

DisCounter believes in giving back to the community as well and therefore donates to various NGOs. Keeping in true DisCounter tradition, we do not charge our shoppers or our clients to do so. Our system was designed to allow shoppers to choose which NGO they would like us to help, at no cost to them. So, when financial year-end comes around, we tally up the count for each NGO and allocate a percentage of our profits as per our shoppers’ desires.

About the Coupon Vouchers

Coupon voucher sales: Everyone wants a deal. Shoppers come to our site because they know they can get products at the best possible rate. For example, a shopper is looking for a wedding photographer. They get various quotes, for example, R9000, R8500, and R9600 all-inclusive. They come to the discounter site and find a professional photographer also offering the service at R9500, yet with DisCounter, they get a 20% discount on the deal. Saving them R1900. The shopper gets the quote from the photographer and shows them the verified voucher. The client reduces the quote in line with the agreed, for example, a 20% discount so the shopper pays R7600 beating all the prior quotations. The photographer is happy as she gained a client otherwise lost to her if not for DisCounter. Next thing you know the same shopper is booking the photographer for kids birthdays, couple shoots and everything in-between. The point is they have gained a customer for life. The customer is grateful for the excellent service and discounted price so they come back for more each time, and that’s beside the referrals. The other photographers who are not on the network, we wish them all the best.

More about the marketing

So how does DisCounter bring people to the site? Remember the fee we charge for the vouchers sold? Well, a large portion of this goes into marketing our website for traffic. As a collective, everyone on the network will benefit from a pooled approach. Additionally, we have partnered with various influencers across multiple disciplines to assist us in marketing our website and the clients affiliated with us. They run competitions and do targeted campaigns pushing the DisCounter brand and or any of the clients affiliated to the platform. Other platforms we use for exposure are Google ads, Facebook, Instagram ads SEO optimization. We fund these at no cost to the clients. Our viewpoint is simple, the more shoppers viewing the site the better it is for everyone. Above all of this, To assist clients with marketing content, we make/produce video and graphic content showing off their brands as proud DisCounter partners.

stay connected with DisCounter

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Get Started with DisCounter

If you would like to find out more, please visit our website, www.discounter.co.za and if you would like to join the platform, potential DisCounter clients sign-up using the DisCounter on-boarding page www.discounter.co.za/on-boarding. From there the DisCounter team assesses the application and will be in contact with you.

This guest blog was written by Arthur Gajeweski from DisCounter

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