Marketing just got easier

Email marketing and internal workflows can be simplified when automation is introduced. Easily push out emails to one or more email lists. Create workflows that goes great with your teams in the office or any remote location.

CRM and Automation

CRM systems, Customer Relationship Management, are a great way to stay in touch with customers. The possibilities are endless! Take customers through a series of campaigns to automatically get things done saving time for your team to focus on other important matters.

Email Marketing

Contacts can easily be separated into specific groups. New leads, existing clients, long term nurture… whatever their status an automation can be setup to reach them effectively. This includes conditions such as timed events, engagement conditions, or manual interactions by your team.

Access from anywhere

Building an effective CRM with automation can only truly benefit a company that they can easily access. Let’s Crea8 solutions is built keeping in mind that teams may work within multiple offices or remotely. Allowing easy access and management of contact records.