What Most Website Owners Don't Know Happens

Search Engines often look for ways to improve the user experience. Bringing their users relevant search results based on trillions of indexed web pages. What most website owners don’t know is that their website may be using older or mixed Search Engine Optimization techniques. Resulting in their products or services that much harder for target audiences to find.

Search Engine Organic Click Through Rates

Search Engines regularly crawl for information and show the most relevant information within the search engine results. Backlinko.com Organic Click Through Rate findings showed Google page one search results had a CTR of up to 31.7%. Only 0.78% of Google searchers clicked on search results from the second page. So how important is your ranking?

Untapping Your On-Site Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, it’s important to remember that visually your website may look and function the same. The front-end, what the user sees, is designed to encourage action based on the content. The back-end, as well as on-page code, is how the web pages speak to Search Engine for optimal indexing.

Analytics and Reporting

A successful website owner make use of Analytics and Reporting systems to better understand how effective content is with their audiences. The original raw data can be converted into reports that contains data summaries. Analytical goes further to gain insights to problems for improving content.

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