Take your next step with Social Media and CRM Email Marketing

Let’s Crea8 strives to help businesses save, by effectively reaching and maintaining relations with their target audiences.

Getting Social

Social Media platforms are a great way to reach out to specific target audiences. Statista Most Used Social Media reports shows Facebook leads with 2.853 trillion active users per month! As each Social Media platform out today each has their own unique follows with specific interests. Companies are taking advantage of these platforms to reach connect with their target audiences.

CRM Email Marketing

Automate your business to provide the best customer experience possible! Creating campaigns for your sales pipeline, client on-boarding stages, internal notifications… Automation helps save companies valuable time, effectively completing campaigns designed to our clients needs.

Analytics and Reports

Social Media should move along with your website… Successful website owners make use of Analytics and Reporting systems to better understand how effective content is with their audiences. The original raw data can be converted into reports that contains data summaries. Analytical goes further to gain insights to problems for improving content.