Getting Social

Social Media platforms are a great way to reach out to specific target audiences. Statista Most Used Social Media 2020 reports shows Facebook alone has 2.701 trillion active users per month! As each Social Media platform out today each has their own unique follows with specific interests. Companies are taking advantage of these platforms to reach connect with their target audiences.

Statista Active Users (October 2020)

Facebook (2.701 Trillion)
YouTube (2 Trillion)
Instagram (1.158 Trillion)
Pinterest (416m)
LinkedIN* (260 Million)

* LinkedIn statistics from Kinsta –

Forecasts and scheduling

A Social Media profile is nothing without content. An active Social media presence shows the company is invested in reaching their audiences while providing valuable info. That is why Let’s Crea8 works with our customers to build a forecast to get content out in a timely manner.

Engage with Followers

Engaging on Social Media has it’s give and take approaches. Giving a potential follower a reason to connect is essential. This can be done by engaging posts such as inside industry information, competitions, fun facts, and some humour.

Depending on the business, using social platforms for a buy now approach only could be problematic. Having a mix of content is a great way to have balance and value for followers.

Reach out with Boosts

Looking to reach new active users on your social platform? Facebook Boosts, or equivalent on other platforms, reaches out to other active users to promote the boosted content. Combining creative content with a clear CTA (call to action) encouraging the viewer to engage further.

Analytics & Reports

Social Media should move along with your website…  Successful website owners make use of Analytics and Reporting systems to better understand how effective content is with their audiences. The original raw data can be converted into reports that contains data summaries. Analytical goes further to gain insights to problems for improving content.

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