Protect Your WordPress Website

Maintenance and security for WordPress websites has become a growing demand. Although WordPress has a range of measures in place to secure data, extra preventative measures can help protect both data and users. Let’s Crea8 safely protects customers websites while maintaining systems effectively.

Downtime Notifications

Reduce your website downtime and to secure your website as a reliable go-to location with Search Engines. With the Let’s Crea8 solution allows our team to be notified of any uptime or downtime changes to your website. In the event of a downtime notification, our team will step in to get your website back up and running.

Real-Time Security

With brute force or other attack methods targeting WordPress websites it is vital to have extra security to protect websites. Let’s Crea8 real-time security solutions helps to protect the back-end keeping your website safer for users and visitors.

Compatible Updates Only

Outdated themes, plugins, or core systems result in vulnerabilities to a WordPress website. Let’s Crea8 automation methods dynamically schedules and manages all WordPress update. Included is the compatibility check that only plugins verified as compatible get updated. 

Off-Site Backups

Hosting companies deals with many websites every day. As they try to manage the data securely there is certain risk factors from the website owner and their associated teams. Malicious code or corrupt files could be uploaded resulting in a server downtime or restoring of back-dated data. Let’s Crea8 schedules off-site backup(s) that go in rotation that can be restored as need be.

Broken Link Detection​

External links can break for several reasons. The linked source may have server or other related issues resulting in unforeseen downtime. Perhaps internal links are incorrectly setup. With Let’s Crea8 scheduled solution we monitor and manage any broken links that may occur on WordPress websites.

Activity Logs

Website owners often allow access to dedicated internal and external teams. By logging the activity of authorized users is useful to collect important information. This can include notifications such as when someone has logged into the website and has made content or system modifications.

Pricing Plans

Browse below for our available pricing packages which scales based on the amount of WordPress pages* per domain.

*WordPress Pages includes content such as eCommerce product pages, glossary terms, blog posts, and draft content.