About Us

Let’s Crea8 was started in February 2018 by me, Giovanni Liebenberg. After spending over 10 years in the corporate industry I found that life pressures got more challenging as personal responsibilities grew. Situations out of my control became more challenging, more so as full time employment circumstances changed. A change was needed. After much thought and a once in a lifetime opportunity presented itself I left the comforts of employment and started Let’s Crea8.

From the ground up

Leaving full time employment meant that I had to literally start from the ground up. Some decisions was easier than others. As time continued it became easier to make better decisions that has resulted in Let’s Crea8 success running for over time.

Growth of Services

In the start only a few key services was provided focused at Graphic Design and Web Design. As I dealt more with clients locally and internationally I realized that more was needed. I couldn’t settle for just what I viewed as basic services. Over time other essential services was added like Search Engine Optimization, Lead Generation, and much more!

unexpected growth

As the service offering started to widen Let’s Crea8 took a unexpected growth jump. The combination of services offered was always keeping in mind the market need. To the point that the need I couldn’t provide by myself anymore. Growth of Let’s Crea8 was needed once again by expanding services on an automation level as well as hiring staff.

Future Plans and Growth

It has always been my plan for Let’s Crea8 is to continue to provide quality services helping companies improve their presence in the marketplace. To do this, Let’s Crea8 continue to research and implement new ways to keep up with the constant change trends. As for future growth? All I can say for now is continue to watch this space, or sign-up with Let’s Crea8 so we can continue to grow together.

Testimonials And Reviews

Let’s Crea8 above all else values our customers experiences. Understanding what their milestones and problem areas are helps us provide quality services to their needs. Based on their experiences they shared their experiences collected on our Testimonials and Reviews page.

Meet the team

Giovanni Liebenberg

Giovanni Liebenberg

Founder, Creative Director

Kayla-Zoe Neumann

Kayla-Zoe Neumann

Graphic Designer