Personal Data

Let’s Crea8 makes use of various systems to provide a good user experience when using our website. In respect of our users and visitors privacy they can at any time make a request for an export or removal of personal data stored on

How it works

  1. Complete the below form to make a request to Export Personal Data or Erase Personal Data.
  2. Upon processing, the admin team will release an authorization email to the provided email address.*
  3. Click the link within the authorization email verifying you would like to proceed with your original request.
  4. Upon processing, the admin team with the authorization confirmation will complete the original request.*
  5. A final email will be sent confirming the original request has been completed.
    1. Export Personal Data: The email will include a ZIP file containing your personal data.
    2. Erase Personal Data: The email will confirm erasing of your personal data.**

*Requests will be processed within 1 (one) business day from receipt.
**Form, quiz, and poll submissions are retained for 7 (seven) days before being removed automatically.

Your Personal Data

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