Why Consider A Quiz?

With a lead generation quiz, it helps to get the right information every time! With Integration you can easily merge data with your CRM to create automated campaigns.

Lead Generation Quizzes

Building a quiz for lead generation strategies can be done in many ways. Give your visitors thoughtful questions while getting their input using multiple choice answers, text fields, conditional logic, point-scoring, and not to forget the GDPR consent checkbox. Integration with your existing systems is great for getting everything in one place for your team.

Onboarding Made Easy

Onboarding processes can easily save hours with internal and external users. Both customers and internal teams enjoy the choice to complete steps at their own pace. These include submitting or uploading information within dedicated designed quizzes linked through Integration and Automation techniques.

Integrate with Your Systems

Integration with your systems opens a wide range of opportunities. Advantages include CRM contact records, email marketing sequences, automation campaigns, sales pipelines, and notification emails listing a few. Integrating systems is essential for company growth saving time and resources.

Marketing and Automation

Email Marketing and internal workflows can be simplified when Automation is introduced. Easily push out emails to one or more email lists. Create workflows that goes great with your teams in the office or any remote location.