When looking at any established company, a great deal of time and effort is put into building a base for it to grow from. This becomes more important with companies with various departments. The need to have Brand Guidelines for consistent branding is very important.

Without having Brand Guidelines in place often results in brand differences over time. Other fonts, colors, layouts, and styles move the brand further away from the original foundation. This affects the uniformity of a company’s branding negatively. From the target audience view, it can start to cause negative viewpoints as the brand isn’t able to look at itself.

While having Brand Guidelines in place, anyone can refer to the guide for the needed information. This can include logo usage, color palettes, typography, and brand application. A brand with identical branding usually results in positive views from the target audiences.
In this article, we will be discussing some areas that are essential to include in your Brand Guidelines. All of them aimed to improve your brand for uniformity.
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Official Company Logo & Variations

Company logos are designed to define the company’s presence in its field of expertise. The choice of fonts, colors, spacing, and illustrations all collectively build a visual story. This can stimulate feelings like trust. Defining what a company specializes in. Or what services can be expected.


Colors That Stimulate Action

Every day we see so many colors in marketing strategies! When used correctly, colors can incite thinking and emotions. Stimulating people to take action. Similarly, having the same colors in all branding promotes brand awareness.


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Want To Understand Your Colors?

This article from Canva talks about colors and what they mean. This is a great article to read for both existing or new brands.
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Have One Voice With Pre-Made Text

At some point, information about your company is needed to share with outside sources. These can include the marketing team when creating profiles on external websites. Also, your sales team as they approach leads or customers. Depending on where the text will be used, having a variety of short and long texts is beneficial.


Typography For Any Occasion

With your marketing material, you may have a specific font used that needed to be purchased. Whereas your staff, clients or service providers may have the standard default fonts. By outlining the different fonts to be used and alternatives will unify a company’s visual.


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Want To Pick The Right Fonts?

When choosing fonts it is best to make sure it can be used for your website and any marketing material. In this link, Google Fonts showcases a range of web safe fonts.

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Lifestyle Photography & Video

Lifestyle content is all about the finer details. Images and videos may be targeted at a specific demographic. Perhaps a company may focus on other precise details for its target audience. Whatever direction the images or videos take, they need to be consistent with the aims of how a company wants to be seen.


Brand Application Examples

A company’s branding may be used for different purposes. Depending on the marketing intentions a precise layout may be chosen keeping the brand uniform. The purpose of the brand application is to establish a look and feel. A brochure, compared to branding a car or promotional leaflets all have different sizes. So branding needs to be adjusted to have a clean look.


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Bringing It All Together

When creating your Brand Guidelines, it is best to keep in mind where your brand will be seen. At some point, certain people in your team will need something about the brand. So having the Brand Guidelines in place will make things smoother and keep everything visually the same. This too can benefit people outside of your company. Whatever service a person may be providing, the Brand Guidelines are great to bring them up to speed on a specific look and feel needed to maintain your brand.

So whether you have marketing material printed or online campaigns, the companies brand should remain the same at all times. Unless there is a complete re-branding, nothing in the Brand Guidelines should be changed by anyone.