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So when it comes to On-Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it is best to get comfortable! On-Page SEO is a never-ending pursuit for reaching and maintaining the first page position. Some companies may opt for an ‘I’ll do it myself’ approach which may have a level of success. As time passes though it may become more clear that internal combined with external systems all play a vital role when it comes to On-Page SEO. Let’s see a few reasons why.

It's All About The Customer

The success of any business revolves around the customers. Without them, the company cannot provide a service. So the first essential step to On-Page SEO is getting to know your customers. Where are they geographically? What is it that they want? How can you provide your services to them? By finding out answers to questions such as these you can start building a better understanding of your customer’s needs and how you can fulfill them.

Let’s take an example of a power drill. People do not buy drills just to have it. People buy drills for what it can do for them. Some may use their drill when renovating their house, a woodwork project, mounting family photos or other decorations in their home. Understanding the customer’s needs and wants helps when creating content to reach your target audience.

Website Analytics & Reports

Having a website should not be like walking around in the dark. To effectively improve your online presence requires informed decision making. How is this done? With the aid of analytics and report systems allows information about customers to be collected. After gathering some analytics and reports from your website it comes to the fun part of breaking it down. By analyzing the data it starts to shed some light on the website visitor’s journey to their destination.

When reviewing the analytics and reports try to answer important questions such as: Which platform did they come from? Which pages did they visit first and where did they go next? Which page did they last visit resulting in them dropping off your website? Getting the answers to these types of questions starts to build a better understanding of what your customers are searching for. In turn, content changes needed for your website becomes clearer.

What If You Don't Have Analytics & Reports?

As each companies structure is different then the solutions vary too. This may take the form of marketing strategies such as paid advertising, Influencer Marketing, Google Ads (or equivalent), magazine ads, flyer, TV advertising, radio advertising… Whichever solution is used it all is focused to build presence enticing people to engage with your company.

With the improved presence through these marketing strategies often results in increased traffic to a website. As the target audience engages your website, with the integrated analytics and report systems, can start gathering the needed data.

On-Page SEO Based On Real Data

Now that you have real analytics and reports, the fun can start with the On-Page SEO. We can start to identify where the potential customers are coming from. What are their interests based on their page bouncing. Based on how they engage, we can see what pages are answering their questions or not.  This information can be used to tweak your content to target your target audience wants.

What about those visitors that are dropping off on certain pages? It is best to cross-examine the pages leading up to that point. Generally, people are constantly searching for information. Chances are that the pages closely leading up to or the actual drop-off page was missing some information needed. The page may need one or more methods to prompt your website visitors to action.

The Constant On-Page SEO Race

So you have your comfortable seat right? On-Page SEO I mentioned prior is a never ending pursuit for the first page position. The reason for this is because companies worldwide are doing these essential steps when it comes to their On-Page SEO. This means that content is always being adjusted to be current, aligned to the respective companies target audiences. When it comes to your website, it is highly recommended to match this so your company stays current with your target audience.

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