How to safely share sensitive login details

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When dealing with companies for the first time, it is understandable when it comes to sensitive information such as login access to key locations. This is not something unique and all companies should think carefully before just handing out login details. In our experiences, we’ve heard of some horror stories as websites have been deleted or to a degree held ransom. When it comes to sharing sensitive login details there are a few steps that can be taken to make things safer. In this article we will consider how to share access to contacts inside or outside your company.

LastPass Password Manager

Developer: LastPass
Platform: App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, Windows, Mac, Linux, web browser

LastPass is a password manager that provides a few options to share login details securely.  Plans include a free plan, business plan, and a family plan. Passwords are shared by sending an invite to contacts by means of their emails. Once the invite has been accepted then your contacts can use your LastPass passwords which can be revoked at any time.

How to use LastPass:

Note: Some locations may vary depending on which device you are using.

Temporary Login without Password

Developer: StoreApps
Platform: WordPress

The WordPress Temporary Login Without Password plugin gives more control when allowing access to your website. Often times businesses may add permanent user access without doing a clean-up after the support or projects completion. Allowing temporary access with this plugin ensures your users are kept clean removing access after the set expiry period of time.

How to use Temporary Login Without Password:

Note: Whomever uses the temporary login link will have access to the backend for the set Expiry period. Be sure to share the temporary login link directly with contacts of your choice securely.

Activity Log

Developer: Activity Log Team
Platform: WordPress

Logs are important to have for websites with multiple users, more so with users that have allows back-end access for support or equivalent service providers. WordPress Activity Log allows you the control to easily review log events and user activities in the back-end.

How to use Activity Log:

Note: On the settings section, you can specify how many days you want to keep activity logs or notifications.

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