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Setting up emails on devices understandably is tricky for some. To make things easier we’ve prepared this article to help you setup connect your devices. The configuration settings you will need to confirm with your service provider to ensure you connect to the right email server. Before we begin, it is important to understand what type of setup is best for you.


When it comes to the email server, there are two main connection types you can configure your devices. IMAP and POP3. Which is the best one to use is dependent on each businesses overall structure and future goals. One business may opt to keep their emails securely online (IMAP), whereas others may choose to download and remove the backups from the email server (POP3). Below is a brief comparison between IMAP and POP3. There are alternatives for external service providers which is the equivalent of IMAP, such as Google Workspace, that allows you to store your emails away from your hosting service provider. It is our recommendation to use IMAP as we consider the benefits. Ultimately it is each individual business what they feel is best for them.

IMAP Key Features

POP3 Key Features

Connecting Your Device

As new alternative software becomes available, the principle approach for connecting your device remains the same. Below includes a brief step by step guide on how to connect your emails using either IMAP or POP3. Before you continue, be sure to have a copy of the email configuration which includes the username, password, incoming server, outgoing server, and ports.

Some email software programs does auto-detect the settings, which means the email and password may be the minimum requirements. If you unsure it is recommended to give the auto-detection a try before going through the full steps below.

Need Tech Support?

If you are having trouble connecting your email account Let’s Crea8 is here to help. To do so, you can visit our Contact Us page to Schedule A Meeting. (All technical support provided will be charged at our hourly rates.)

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